30 November 2008


Alright, so I was really really worried about what I could and could not eat at Thanksgiving, but I give mad mad props to my Grandmother for pulling it off. I wasn't worried that she wouldn't, because she always does, but I was VERY VERY worried that I would have a limited selection of foods. I helped a lot by finding coupons for broth- Progresso Broth IS GLUTEN FREE!!!!! (http://www.bettycrocker.com/products/progresso-broth/Progresso-Broth-Landing-Page.htm) This was the best news ever, partly because that is what my Grandma always used anyway, and secondly, I didn't have to go to a speciality store and hunt it down. Since I stay with her often enough, I had bread in the freezer so she used that to make bread crumbs for stuffing (and no one knew the difference). I provided my own sweet bread options that I just bought from the store (http://www.debysglutenfree.com/). King Soopers keeps stock of Deby's good, it's called 8 free- meaning it's free from the big 8 allergens.

The food was amazing, as usual, and so was of course, spending time with my family. I'm glad it worked out so well and HEY, my family understands a little better what I can and can't eat- which is a huge relief because I was really stressing over it! Til next Thanksgiving!

23 October 2008

Mimi's Cafe

So my parents and I decided to go out to eat for breakfast and haven't been to Mimi's since I was diagnosed. Since I'm always up for trying places out and seeing how they accommodate, I decided that we should go and we did. I got the dear in the headlights look from the server at first and she hasn't very considerate regarding my needs for the placement of the bread and the muffins my parents ordered. Something that bugs me, sometimes it doesn't. In realizing that I'm not going to prevent other people at my table from eating what they want, I still consider it common courtesy not to place the basket of bread directly in front of the person that just told you they can't eat that. I order an omelet, but told they it has to be regular eggs. Apparently they use powered eggs so be sure to request real eggs!!! Of course, my meal comes with a muffin that I can't eat, I didn't think to ask if I could get fruit instead, but will next time. They don't specifically have a gluten-free menu nor does it seem that will any time soon. The meal went better at the time went on and I drank more and more water. That's the biggest lesson from eating out I'd say is to ask as many questions as possible. They are serving you (this coming from a server) and it is their job to provide the best service to you. You are the one that knows what your body can and can't handle so don't hesitate to ask as many questions as possible!!!!

01 October 2008

Garlic Jim's

OMG!!!! Gluten-Free pizza that delivers! What you all say?!?!?! Yes, you heard my right! Garlic Jim's opened up in my town, the first one and I'm sure not the last. I had googled gluten-free pizza a few weeks before I even knew they were building one here and then saw how close it was to me and called the first day of October, thinking they'd be open since it said opening October 2008, and they were!

YEAH!!!!! You should call and see what pizza toppings are gluten-free as the website doesn't say (http://www.garlicjims.com/menu.asp) However, I had the Chicken Bacon Ranch, it is gluten-free, I highly recommend it. I will continue to update this with the pizzas I try. My only issue is that they are on the expensive side for pizza delivery.

30 September 2008

Johnny Carino's

So for my birthday last week, one of my dear friends took me out to dinner, my choice. I had heard that Noodles and Company had a gluten-free selection but couldn't find anything on their website so I decided to go with Johnny Carino's cause I knew they had a gluten-free menu and it was easy to find on the website. When we got there, I ended up seeing a friend of mine that I use to work with so we sat in her section, knowing I would get better service on what I wanted because I knew her and I was right. Liz was fabulous! I was craving spicy and she said that I could get anything I wanted spicy, just to tell her. It took me a bit to decide what I wanted to eat, but once I figured it out and it came, man was I a happy girl!

They pretty much say that any item with pasta can be substituted with sautéed green beans and spinach and potatoes. We got the only appetizer that I could, with the bread on the side, Shrimp Scampi. Delicious! I went with the Chicken Scaloppini, extra spicy with the green beans and spinach. I do definitely recommend going there because they are a great place that can accomodate a gluten-free diet!

10 September 2008

Being a Gluten-Free Student

I started back to school this fall and am realizing how hard being a gluten-free student can be. While I don't like on campus and don't eat in the campus cafeteria, I can only imagine how hard it has to be to not eat pizza when pizza is available EVERY day in most college campuses. When I was in college before my diagnose and living on campus, eating the dorm food and living the dorm life, I'm pretty sure I lived not only off of carbs, but namely gluten/pasta/bread based carbs. No wonder the Freshmen-15 is so high. Anyway, I was contemplating this as I was driving from one campus to another for classes and thought about the little vending machines and cafe based stores on the campuses and even asked the cashier about gluten-free (who gave me a funny look like what the hell is that). I have become super diligent about reading ALL indregients on packages of food I buy cause not all labels say CONTAINS: WHEAT or what not. I was surprised to learn that I can eat cheetos and cool ranch doritos. Keep in mind, cross-contamanation might accure, but still, not wheat... all corn based. Every interesting. I was also very excited to know that, upon talking to someone else in campus admin, that they have looked at their products and are looking at more items that are accomodating to the dietary needs of their students, like Thai Kitchen! (All gluten-free) This also included sugar-free items and what not. I thought that that was very interesting and exciting, the question is, just how long will this take. lol, well that's my ramblings for now! Maybe while on campus tonight, I'll find something more!

03 August 2008


SO, I'm an avid starbucks drinker, and I do mean avid, usually once a day. Anyway, I have pondered the thought of why they aren't joining the ranks and getting some gluten-free pastries from a local gluten-free bakery, cause really, you know most major cities have them now. I've been to their suggestions website and there are tons randomly put together Gluten-Free postings asking them to get some gluten-free products. I still continue and wonder why they haven't done it yet. I'll ask occasionally when I'm in there and most managers know nothing and suggest the same thing, go to the website, I've done that, yet still nothing. Is anyone else on this with me? GLUTEN FREE!!!! STARBUCKS WAKE UP!

14 July 2008

Red Robin

Red Robin has long been a favorite restaurant of mine and is even more so now. The one closest to my house, Powers Red Robin, 3770 Bloomington Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80922, has a gluten-free fry fryer and is always very courteous in accommodating a gluten-free diet. Their menu is pretty extensive for the gluten-free diet and it lists what you can and cannot have regarding certain aspects of menu items. While not all things are listed as you can have but not with this, the items that are listed are the gluten-free menu tell you how you can remove certain items to make the meal gluten-free. Did I mention the gluten-free fries? I think that that is one of my favorite parts. Honestly, the fact that they have that and that they are always really nice about it when we are there just makes us come back more. We usually dine there a minimum of twice a month. I will note that with take out orders, we seem to have a few more slip ups with the order and sometimes they'll make everything gluten-free or they'll forget something and only one time during a dine-in experience we had a serious issue, but overall I rate them very high as a great place to eat for a gluten-free diet in Colorado Springs.

25 June 2008

Old Chicago's

I love Old C's! Lots! Always have. It's a great place to just come and hang out and catch up with friends and have dinner. Well, obviously their menu isn't not very conducive to a gluten-free diet, however, I do know some tricks of the trade that you can do and eat out here still.

First of all BEER!
Woodchuck! I have had this beer a number of times and NEVER realized it is gluten-free. In fact, on the bottle it says, naturally gluten-free! I was SUPER excited! It's a great cider beer. Some places might have it on tap and some just bottles, ask first and be a little wary of getting it from tap just in case a different beer was coming out of the tap recently and it hasn't been cleaned- ASK if you really need to know.


Well, their buffalo wings and salads are all gluten-free. Mind you I only named the buffalo wings and not any of their other sauces so I don't know for sure, but will look into next time I'm there. All their salads are and none even have croutons, so no worries there. You can also technically get any of their sandwiches and no bread, I've done this, especially with the Italian Melt, which was and still is a favorite of mine. I've thought about bringing my own bread to places where I use to get sandwhiches often, but never have. If you want to, I suggest it. Hell, people bring their own dressings, why not bread we can all eat?

If you aren't SUPER sensetive to glutens and your party is wanting to split a pizza, I encourage you to pick off the toppings. Sounds funny, but hey it's food, but also get a salad with it, because that is NOT going to fill you up. While they do have carry out, I don't have any real great suggestions like with Olive Garden because Old C's is known of pizzas and you can't really bake the toppings without a crust. I do encourage you to seek out Woodchuck in your local stores though cause it's really good and pretty well-known!

Until next time! Enjoy!

10 June 2008


So, I'm a Wendy's girl. Always have been, always will be. I was surprised upon walking into one recently that they had a whole poster of allergens and what had them and what didn't. Granted, I realized I can get most anything without a bun, but OMG WOW! I think that this link just does all the explaining for me!


Please read and enjoy and know that we can still fast food!

28 May 2008

The Melting Pot

So for Mother's Day this year, we went to The Melting Pot. It's become a favorite for us and celebrating events. Last year, my birthday, this year, Mother's Day, and who knows from there. Anyway, since we hadn't been there since being gluten-free, I was nervous, but while making the reservation, I asked and they said it was possible. I was super excited. We had this great server named Michelle who made sure that everything was perfect for the gluten-free fondue night. Since we had one burner, we all did the oil and did a Big Night out and a half, since it was three of us. We did cheese with corn startch instead of flour. She made sure that instead of ravioli, there was extra meets and that with the batters, mom and dad couldn't use them until I was done cooking. And chocolate, well, we use to Cookies and Cream, Marshmallow Dream, but can't any more, but we did anyway and had the cookies on the side. I had my own platter with regular marshmallows, extra strawberries and loved it! I couldn't believe that such a high end restuarant had gluten-free accomodations and didn't seem bothered. I can only imagine that it's extra work. The night was lovely and wonderful and I grabbed a job application on the way out! We'll see! (x-posted in gypsy)

14 May 2008


Chick-Fil-A is a place that I usually meet my mom for during her lunch break. When I was first put on a gluten-free diet I came to eat here like two days later and they were super helpful. Granted we visit their a lot and many know my mom by name since she eats there a lot for lunch, but one of the ladies came and brought me a nutrition guide as well as a binder of foods I could and could not eat on a gluten-free diet. I was surprised that not only are their fries gluten-free, but they had quite an list of foods that can be eaten or modified to be able to be consumed. I am highly impressed with how knowledge most of the staff is when I say if need something gluten-free. I highly recommend them as a place to eat and just know that most anything can be modded to a gluten-free diet, just remove the bun!

29 April 2008

Olive Garden

Ok, so I might be a little biased here and also think I know better then the information you actually get when you to an Olive Garden, BUT since I did work their for 4 years and in almost every position, including front and back of house jobs, I feel that I know Olive Garden better and know what I can and can't eat WAY better then most. Here are my suggestions....

While the Gluten-Free menu they provide you is limited, VERY limited- it contains 3 items, here's are some insider scopes on what you can really eat and suggestions for enjoy Olive Garden with the family at home.

All of the tomato based sauces are gluten free, if you are doing a take out order, which I HIGHLY recommend when wanting Olive Garden, just order a dipping sauce of any sauce, yes you can do this, I promise, and cook up your own noodles at home. Salad, obvious is gluten-free, yes dressing too, just make sure and tell them no croutons when dining in and tell them they don't need to give you when doing take out.


Minestrone- The key here is trusting the establishment, make sure they are giving a fresh batch of soup that hasn't touched the noodles and you are gold, if you are really concerned about this, talk to a manager. The base is a veggie bullion base, so you might also want to ask if their base is gluten-free cause this can vary depending on location. IT is entirely vegetarian though, as a side note.

Zuppa- It is gluten free, there is no flour or anything in it. I've made it myself so I know, BUT be ware, if your stomach is generally sensetive, because this is a more oily soup, it might upset you a little. (If you want to make it yourself... I've found the recipe online, quantities lessen for a regular at home brew, I'll have to look it up later.)

So, but Pasta Fagaloi well has pasta, you can try the same ideal as a FRESH batch before the noodles are added, but I have yet to venture this route yet. If you do, let me know!

None of the chicken is breaded minus Chicken Parm so you can get grilled Chicken to your hearts content, same with the steak medalians.

Again, please please keep in mind that there is glutens used, namely flour in the kitchen as a whole, so cross-contamenation might accure. Otherwise, eat up the Italian life! Enjoy!

10 April 2008

Being Gluten Free

So when I was told on Monday that I had to stop eating gluten, I didn't know what to expect. Since I live a life where I eat out a lot I thought nothing better then to start writing down my suggestions and ideas that I have found along the way of this new lifestyle. This is not an easy transition in life and all things take time so this process will be interesting to note. Enjoy reading!