31 July 2009

Anti Garlic Jims!

So, while I love Garlic Jim's, I called to place an order, using an coupon that DIDN'T exclude gluten-free pizza's. When I emailed to complain about the order and inquire about the issue of trying to use a deal they called us about and explained upon how unfair it was due to the fact that being gluten-free isnt' an option and they were takign advantage of people... well lets just say I didn't hear back from them and haven't heard back from them since... here's my email: (it was in the heat of the moment for sure lol and yes, we've been having 100 degree days!)

Recently, we called to order pizza after receiving a phone call talking about a VIP special, buy one pizza, get the second one free. We called back to order one regular pizza and one gluten free pizza only to be told that the deal didn't apply to gluten free pizzas. Not only did the original message not mention the exclusion, but we didn't understand why charging for the gluten free pizza and getting a regular pizza for free was a big deal, because in the end, you are still making more money because of your overpricing for gluten free pizzas in general. Eating gluten free isn't an option for most people and taking advantage of their dietary needs is inexcusable. I was excited in moving to Washington to get gluten free pizza and now refuse to be a Garlic Jim's customer for the lack of consideration of the gluten free community and discriminatory actions of excluding gluten free options from your regular pizza deals. I'd rather heat up my oven in this heat, make my own pizza then be treated with such disrespect as I was on the phone with your staff. Thank you for your time.

10 July 2009

Road Trip

So I'm in the process of moving to Seattle and have been worried about finding enough places to eat on the road and have been throughly impressed with the places that are everyday haunts for many, that have been extremely accommodating. We stopped at a Subway in Wyoming, somewhere between Cheyenne and Casper and when I asked them to change their gloves, they just did and treated my salad with great care trying to avoid cross-contamination and I was overly impressed by this, especially since we happened in there during a busy time of day- the great lunch time. After we hit the road again, I grabbed snacks that I had packed as I was concerned about finding food I could eat at the gas stations and what not. We stayed the night in Montana and ate at a Famous Dave's. When I asked for a gluten-free menu, they had a list typed up and the manager also came by and went over it to ensure I knew what I could and couldn't eat. With a glass of wine in hand and food in my belly, our first day on the road turned out to be a great learning experience and I was happy to come across very understanding people on the road who not only knew what gluten was but also took great care in helping make sure there was somethign I could eat!