10 September 2008

Being a Gluten-Free Student

I started back to school this fall and am realizing how hard being a gluten-free student can be. While I don't like on campus and don't eat in the campus cafeteria, I can only imagine how hard it has to be to not eat pizza when pizza is available EVERY day in most college campuses. When I was in college before my diagnose and living on campus, eating the dorm food and living the dorm life, I'm pretty sure I lived not only off of carbs, but namely gluten/pasta/bread based carbs. No wonder the Freshmen-15 is so high. Anyway, I was contemplating this as I was driving from one campus to another for classes and thought about the little vending machines and cafe based stores on the campuses and even asked the cashier about gluten-free (who gave me a funny look like what the hell is that). I have become super diligent about reading ALL indregients on packages of food I buy cause not all labels say CONTAINS: WHEAT or what not. I was surprised to learn that I can eat cheetos and cool ranch doritos. Keep in mind, cross-contamanation might accure, but still, not wheat... all corn based. Every interesting. I was also very excited to know that, upon talking to someone else in campus admin, that they have looked at their products and are looking at more items that are accomodating to the dietary needs of their students, like Thai Kitchen! (All gluten-free) This also included sugar-free items and what not. I thought that that was very interesting and exciting, the question is, just how long will this take. lol, well that's my ramblings for now! Maybe while on campus tonight, I'll find something more!

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