25 June 2008

Old Chicago's

I love Old C's! Lots! Always have. It's a great place to just come and hang out and catch up with friends and have dinner. Well, obviously their menu isn't not very conducive to a gluten-free diet, however, I do know some tricks of the trade that you can do and eat out here still.

First of all BEER!
Woodchuck! I have had this beer a number of times and NEVER realized it is gluten-free. In fact, on the bottle it says, naturally gluten-free! I was SUPER excited! It's a great cider beer. Some places might have it on tap and some just bottles, ask first and be a little wary of getting it from tap just in case a different beer was coming out of the tap recently and it hasn't been cleaned- ASK if you really need to know.


Well, their buffalo wings and salads are all gluten-free. Mind you I only named the buffalo wings and not any of their other sauces so I don't know for sure, but will look into next time I'm there. All their salads are and none even have croutons, so no worries there. You can also technically get any of their sandwiches and no bread, I've done this, especially with the Italian Melt, which was and still is a favorite of mine. I've thought about bringing my own bread to places where I use to get sandwhiches often, but never have. If you want to, I suggest it. Hell, people bring their own dressings, why not bread we can all eat?

If you aren't SUPER sensetive to glutens and your party is wanting to split a pizza, I encourage you to pick off the toppings. Sounds funny, but hey it's food, but also get a salad with it, because that is NOT going to fill you up. While they do have carry out, I don't have any real great suggestions like with Olive Garden because Old C's is known of pizzas and you can't really bake the toppings without a crust. I do encourage you to seek out Woodchuck in your local stores though cause it's really good and pretty well-known!

Until next time! Enjoy!

10 June 2008


So, I'm a Wendy's girl. Always have been, always will be. I was surprised upon walking into one recently that they had a whole poster of allergens and what had them and what didn't. Granted, I realized I can get most anything without a bun, but OMG WOW! I think that this link just does all the explaining for me!


Please read and enjoy and know that we can still fast food!