23 October 2008

Mimi's Cafe

So my parents and I decided to go out to eat for breakfast and haven't been to Mimi's since I was diagnosed. Since I'm always up for trying places out and seeing how they accommodate, I decided that we should go and we did. I got the dear in the headlights look from the server at first and she hasn't very considerate regarding my needs for the placement of the bread and the muffins my parents ordered. Something that bugs me, sometimes it doesn't. In realizing that I'm not going to prevent other people at my table from eating what they want, I still consider it common courtesy not to place the basket of bread directly in front of the person that just told you they can't eat that. I order an omelet, but told they it has to be regular eggs. Apparently they use powered eggs so be sure to request real eggs!!! Of course, my meal comes with a muffin that I can't eat, I didn't think to ask if I could get fruit instead, but will next time. They don't specifically have a gluten-free menu nor does it seem that will any time soon. The meal went better at the time went on and I drank more and more water. That's the biggest lesson from eating out I'd say is to ask as many questions as possible. They are serving you (this coming from a server) and it is their job to provide the best service to you. You are the one that knows what your body can and can't handle so don't hesitate to ask as many questions as possible!!!!

01 October 2008

Garlic Jim's

OMG!!!! Gluten-Free pizza that delivers! What you all say?!?!?! Yes, you heard my right! Garlic Jim's opened up in my town, the first one and I'm sure not the last. I had googled gluten-free pizza a few weeks before I even knew they were building one here and then saw how close it was to me and called the first day of October, thinking they'd be open since it said opening October 2008, and they were!

YEAH!!!!! You should call and see what pizza toppings are gluten-free as the website doesn't say (http://www.garlicjims.com/menu.asp) However, I had the Chicken Bacon Ranch, it is gluten-free, I highly recommend it. I will continue to update this with the pizzas I try. My only issue is that they are on the expensive side for pizza delivery.