14 July 2008

Red Robin

Red Robin has long been a favorite restaurant of mine and is even more so now. The one closest to my house, Powers Red Robin, 3770 Bloomington Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80922, has a gluten-free fry fryer and is always very courteous in accommodating a gluten-free diet. Their menu is pretty extensive for the gluten-free diet and it lists what you can and cannot have regarding certain aspects of menu items. While not all things are listed as you can have but not with this, the items that are listed are the gluten-free menu tell you how you can remove certain items to make the meal gluten-free. Did I mention the gluten-free fries? I think that that is one of my favorite parts. Honestly, the fact that they have that and that they are always really nice about it when we are there just makes us come back more. We usually dine there a minimum of twice a month. I will note that with take out orders, we seem to have a few more slip ups with the order and sometimes they'll make everything gluten-free or they'll forget something and only one time during a dine-in experience we had a serious issue, but overall I rate them very high as a great place to eat for a gluten-free diet in Colorado Springs.