15 October 2009

New job and a new 'friend'

Who would have ever thought that I would actually work with someone that is also gluten-free! I'm super excited about this. She's been gluten-free for 20+ years and most of her family is also gluten-free and have been for years! I'm excited and look forward to swapping information and learning how to have a gluten-free kitchen that is efficient and doable for not only a tight budget but also a busy life style. When I told her I was also allergic, she was shocked. I'm assuming it's because of my weight.... which doesn't surprise me and is also one reason why I'm always undergoing more testing to see what other allergies I've developed. Although, if there's anything I've learned, is that a gluten-free person doesn't fit into any stereotype. We all have come to this lifestyle for different reasons and might have other allergies associated with us and other health problems. Granted, I'm not extremely overweight, but I'm also not skinny like a model. (But the issue that I haven't been able to lose more weight has raised concerns that there's more to my gluten allergy then originally thought.) Anyway... I love my new job working with my favorite arts and crafts and look forward to learning from a veteran gluten-free person!