28 November 2009

Delivery Pizza Again!!!

So, after having pizza withdrawls.... sticking to my anti-garlic jim's... I was told by a couple people that a local favorite is now offering gluten-free crusts! Alfy's! you go! I finally decided to stop by on my way home from work one night, pick up one to go and fell in love with it right away. It's a combo sit and eat, delivery and take-n-bake pizza deal! What a great idea... they combine it all and it works for them quite well. It's only an individual pizza, but in the end, that's all I really need. So after my first experience with they actually tasty pizza, I called to order for myself and my fellow gluten-free coworker today for work. The store was having food catered since well, it's the crazy-busy shopping weekend. I called before they were even open and placed the order so it would be delivered pretty much right after they opened and low and behold.... we got half priced pizzas!!! This is a deal they offer everyday from 11-2 and they honor it on ALL pizzas!!! Go Alfy's! I just can't say how happy it made me today and how much it literally just brought a highlight to my long long week and weekend! Those of you in the Seattle area, TAKE ADVANTAGE OF THEM!!!!