28 May 2008

The Melting Pot

So for Mother's Day this year, we went to The Melting Pot. It's become a favorite for us and celebrating events. Last year, my birthday, this year, Mother's Day, and who knows from there. Anyway, since we hadn't been there since being gluten-free, I was nervous, but while making the reservation, I asked and they said it was possible. I was super excited. We had this great server named Michelle who made sure that everything was perfect for the gluten-free fondue night. Since we had one burner, we all did the oil and did a Big Night out and a half, since it was three of us. We did cheese with corn startch instead of flour. She made sure that instead of ravioli, there was extra meets and that with the batters, mom and dad couldn't use them until I was done cooking. And chocolate, well, we use to Cookies and Cream, Marshmallow Dream, but can't any more, but we did anyway and had the cookies on the side. I had my own platter with regular marshmallows, extra strawberries and loved it! I couldn't believe that such a high end restuarant had gluten-free accomodations and didn't seem bothered. I can only imagine that it's extra work. The night was lovely and wonderful and I grabbed a job application on the way out! We'll see! (x-posted in gypsy)

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