14 May 2008


Chick-Fil-A is a place that I usually meet my mom for during her lunch break. When I was first put on a gluten-free diet I came to eat here like two days later and they were super helpful. Granted we visit their a lot and many know my mom by name since she eats there a lot for lunch, but one of the ladies came and brought me a nutrition guide as well as a binder of foods I could and could not eat on a gluten-free diet. I was surprised that not only are their fries gluten-free, but they had quite an list of foods that can be eaten or modified to be able to be consumed. I am highly impressed with how knowledge most of the staff is when I say if need something gluten-free. I highly recommend them as a place to eat and just know that most anything can be modded to a gluten-free diet, just remove the bun!

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