29 April 2008

Olive Garden

Ok, so I might be a little biased here and also think I know better then the information you actually get when you to an Olive Garden, BUT since I did work their for 4 years and in almost every position, including front and back of house jobs, I feel that I know Olive Garden better and know what I can and can't eat WAY better then most. Here are my suggestions....

While the Gluten-Free menu they provide you is limited, VERY limited- it contains 3 items, here's are some insider scopes on what you can really eat and suggestions for enjoy Olive Garden with the family at home.

All of the tomato based sauces are gluten free, if you are doing a take out order, which I HIGHLY recommend when wanting Olive Garden, just order a dipping sauce of any sauce, yes you can do this, I promise, and cook up your own noodles at home. Salad, obvious is gluten-free, yes dressing too, just make sure and tell them no croutons when dining in and tell them they don't need to give you when doing take out.


Minestrone- The key here is trusting the establishment, make sure they are giving a fresh batch of soup that hasn't touched the noodles and you are gold, if you are really concerned about this, talk to a manager. The base is a veggie bullion base, so you might also want to ask if their base is gluten-free cause this can vary depending on location. IT is entirely vegetarian though, as a side note.

Zuppa- It is gluten free, there is no flour or anything in it. I've made it myself so I know, BUT be ware, if your stomach is generally sensetive, because this is a more oily soup, it might upset you a little. (If you want to make it yourself... I've found the recipe online, quantities lessen for a regular at home brew, I'll have to look it up later.)

So, but Pasta Fagaloi well has pasta, you can try the same ideal as a FRESH batch before the noodles are added, but I have yet to venture this route yet. If you do, let me know!

None of the chicken is breaded minus Chicken Parm so you can get grilled Chicken to your hearts content, same with the steak medalians.

Again, please please keep in mind that there is glutens used, namely flour in the kitchen as a whole, so cross-contamenation might accure. Otherwise, eat up the Italian life! Enjoy!

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