30 November 2008


Alright, so I was really really worried about what I could and could not eat at Thanksgiving, but I give mad mad props to my Grandmother for pulling it off. I wasn't worried that she wouldn't, because she always does, but I was VERY VERY worried that I would have a limited selection of foods. I helped a lot by finding coupons for broth- Progresso Broth IS GLUTEN FREE!!!!! (http://www.bettycrocker.com/products/progresso-broth/Progresso-Broth-Landing-Page.htm) This was the best news ever, partly because that is what my Grandma always used anyway, and secondly, I didn't have to go to a speciality store and hunt it down. Since I stay with her often enough, I had bread in the freezer so she used that to make bread crumbs for stuffing (and no one knew the difference). I provided my own sweet bread options that I just bought from the store (http://www.debysglutenfree.com/). King Soopers keeps stock of Deby's good, it's called 8 free- meaning it's free from the big 8 allergens.

The food was amazing, as usual, and so was of course, spending time with my family. I'm glad it worked out so well and HEY, my family understands a little better what I can and can't eat- which is a huge relief because I was really stressing over it! Til next Thanksgiving!

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