26 April 2009

Last Night in Vegas!

I've had an unbelievable time in Vegas and am so utterly thrilled that eating here wasn't a huge issues. for our last dinner, we ate at Le Burger Brasserie and they were all very helpful in creating and figuring out something I could eat, from our server to management they were very nice and accomodating making sure that not only I had enough to eat but also I could actually eat there. Keeping in mind that we had a party of 8, it can add to the difficulty of ordering gluten free foods. Sadly though, our service pretty much sucked, to the point where we left a little comment card. Having my background in food service that I do, plus Jen's background as a manager and Diane' 's chef background, we all know and understand bad shifts, rough times, etc, but really, she was just bad and having a difficult time handling a party of 8. Regardless of that, the burgers were HUGE! The fries were delicious!!! (You can mix and match what kind of fries you want and they are ordered a la carte.) I would highly recommend them for a delicious meal on the strip that is gluten free friendly.

P.S. Just walking through the Paris is a treat in itself. The Venetian to the Paris, the designs and structure of it all it beautiful. Sadly, the smells of the foods coming from the bakeries is gut wrenching when hungry and can make temptations all to easy, so I do recommend eating before strutting through them- especially Paris, as they have real French cafe' s with French bread and pizza and yeah, it's bad, and no, I asked, they don't have gluten free.

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