24 April 2009

Full Day of VEGAS!!!!

So Vegas has been amazing! With the kitchens in the room, we had breakfast in our rooms, eggs, toast, come pancakes for some, juice, cinnamon rolls and enough gluten free food to boot! I loved it. A friend that came with us is a breakfast chef for a winery bed and breakfast in California so she's very familiar with not only the kitchen, but once she found out about my diet restrictions, she was excited to try new foods on me. She even packed some gluten free food for me in her suitcase!!! With last night's dinner being at a restaurant I have back home, it was easy for me to work with... Buffalo Wild Wings though is a favorite place of mine anyway so I didn't even need to ask, I just told that I have an allergy!

I'm very curious to see how the rest of the day goes with food and my only huge concern for the whole weekend is the breakfast buffets on Sunday- cross-contamination is such a huge thing and not easily controlled in a buffet! As we go out on the strip today, here's to hoping there's food I can eat!

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