22 April 2009

Vegas Baby!

So I'm getting ready to leave for Vegas and have packed some food to bring along with me. Especially breakfast food like cereals. We had talked about going to see the Tournement of the Kings at Excalibur so I emailed them ahead of time and they said that they could accomodate it and would just need my section, isle and seat number. However, here is the menu that they can prepare for me:

Garden Salad with vinaigrette instead of the cream of tomato soup (the soup contains a thickening agent)
Plain Roasted Cornish Game Hen
Baked Potato with butter and sour cream on the side
Broccoli with cheese, but if you prefer, you may have plain steamed broccoli
Fresh sliced fruit for dessert instead of the apple square.

So we'll see what we end up doing!

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