11 August 2009

Betty Crocker's GF Cookies! Oh My!

While I was still trying to locate a grocery store with my move that I can use as my go-to GF store, I discovered the Betty Crocker products at Central Market, which, is currently my go-to GF store. I was so excited, happy, and thrilled, that I called my mom right away to tell her of this discovery. I then, didn't buy them, because I wasn't sure when I'd use them. I should have just bought them AND ended up buying them anyway, BUT at QFC. So not only are they at a specialty natural foods store, but also in the mass market! I was even more excited! I only grabbed the cookies and the brownies and have made the cookies! They are beyond delicious and my roommate love them as well. While they admit that the texture is different, the taste is great and just like a 'normal' cookie! Unbelievable and yummy beyond! To top is off, I used a regular Betty Crocker coupon and got them discounted. Yeah for not only a great mix, for a big company to make GF products but also yeah for saving money on some GF products!!!! I love it!


Sistertex said...

I tried the cookies right away, actually made them twice now. Mine come out as a dry cookie, kind of crumbly. They tasted very good, but not the moist chewy chocolate chip cookie...I miss those. Haven't tried the brownies yet. But I think it is great that main stream companies are starting to produce Gluten-free items that fit into the 'normal' grocery store. I was diagnosed a Celiac about 5 or 6years ago. It is quite nice to see this kind of thing happening now, sure makes it a bit easier.
Nice post.

Janet said...

With my recent move, I've drastically had to change some of my cooking styles because of the HUGE difference in altitudes from where I use to live to now being pretty much at sea level, I've literally changed nearly 7,000 since moving to Seattle. Anyway- my point is, that maybe making slight modifications to what the box says might help. Mine came out moist, a little crumbly but highly delicious!